Death & Taxes 2.0 Prototypes

Death & Taxes 2.0 Prototypes
I've been 3D printing, making molds and and casting a lot of skulls.


  • theMPG

    These are amazing. Hope they happen, would love the opportunity to secure one.

  • Sid

    Interesting, nice addition to the death & tax series, let’s see some of the other prototypes, would be great to see the the ones that did not make the cut, am a new fan, would have loved to own the first sculpture as well oh well next time :)

  • Gary Gemmell

    Love it 😀 Are these going to be definite pieces? If so, when will they be available? Can’t wait…..

  • Julien MARIGO

    Love it

  • Kenny

    Wow! I’ve done 3D printing with my Brother in the past but what you’re making is on a whole different level! Your stuff just keeps getting better and better. Amazing! 😊👌

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